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Is YOUR favorite TV show available on DVD?

TVShowsOnDVD was launched as a website on November 1, 2001 by creator Gord Lacey. He recruited Dave Lambert for beta testing, and soon brought Dave on permanently as writer-reporter/News Director. Together, Gord and Dave ran the site, continuing after its acquisition by TV Guide in February 2007, and until the website’s then-owner CBS Interactive took the domain offline on May 24, 2018.

Dave continued providing TV-on-DVD/BD news on the TVShowsOnDVD page at Facebook for the next four years, getting regular consultation from Gord. In July 2022, with Facebook losing popularity as a platform, and with the two-man team no longer owning the rights to revive the domain name as its own website, Dave began moving TVShowsOnDVD to a subscription newsletter service available via Substack.

For a subscription rate of $5 per month (or $55 annually), TVShowsOnDVD at Substack offers the weekly Roundup posts each Friday morning, in the manner our Facebook readers are used to: a list of all TV-on-DVD/BD titles announced during the previous seven days (taking off only for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s). It contains full details, including extras and cover art when available. Using Substack's formatting capabilities, we hope the Roundup will be easier to read than ever!

To offer additional value, we will ALSO post a Tuesday Reminder (weekly at Midnight in the Eastern Time Zone), with a simple list of all the TV-on-DVD/BD titles we expect to release that day. Both posts will get emailed to each user who subscribes to the TVShowsOnDVD Substack. Dave also hopes to offer special write-ups from time-to-time, as the opportunities arise.

We hope that the folks who have been with us during our 20-year-long history know that we're working to bring you the best, most accurate announcements of upcoming TV-on-DVD (or Blu-ray, or 4K UHD) titles, along with relevant industry news. We hope this noteworthy history will assure you that your subscription payment is well-spent! Unfortunately, we do need to stress up front that we will NOT be offering subscription refunds for any reason.

PLEASE REMEMBER: we only cover titles in North America (USA and Canada), and have no access to info about TV-on-DVD/BD releases anywhere else in the world. PLEASE KNOW that we do not make DVDs (or Blu-rays), nor sell them directly, but rather we often point you to where they can be bought (when available). PLEASE ALSO REMEMBER that if we haven't already posted news about a title you are waiting for (or a given title on the disc format that you prefer it in), then we simply DO NOT have any information about it yet; sorry. As we transition TVShowsOnDVD to the new Substack platform, and get used to the new environment, we plan to keep user comments turned off for now. We may revisit that in the future, but have no timetable for it at present.

TVShowsOnDVD hopes our readers will make the journey with us over to Substack! Naturally, we would rather not have to ask you for subscriptions, but the only alternative would be to fold TVShowsOnDVD permanently (which we would still have to do, unfortunately, if there are not enough subscriptions to our newsletter here). We know how many loyal and passionate fans we have, who prefer to keep building their personal libraries of TV Shows. So it is our goal (and our pleasure!) to be with you just as long as there are people who enjoy owning a permanent collection of physical discs, with episodes of their favorite TV shows: modern hits, iconic classics, and of course those guilty pleasures.

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Is YOUR favorite TV show available on DVD?


David Lambert, writing for TVShowsOnDVD since it was launched in 2001.